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Forum Competition Guidelines

When does the forum competition start?

The forum competition begins the first day of every month.

Can I join anytime?

Yes, you can join the forum competition anytime.

When does the forum competition end?

The forum competition will end at the last day of each month.

Where can I find the competition results?

The competition results will be announced in the Newsletter every month. For that reason, it is recommended to subscribe.

How can I register?

Simply follow the general registration rules. There are no special requirements in order to join Linuxcareer’s forum competition.

How do I identify unanswered questions?

All threads/questions which are answered will be closed by forum moderators, and you will no longer be able to contribute to them.

Where can I find open questions?

All currently open questions are displayed on each page and below the navigation menu.

How many questions can I post per month?

You can post as many questions as you want. Of course, they have to be related to Linux.

How many answers can I post?

You should try to answer any given questions with as least posts as possible. Only one answer within an entire thread will be marked as the best answer.

What kind of questions can I ask?

Unless asked on the lounge sub-forum, every question has to be related to Linux or closely related technology fields.

Why can I not see my post after submission?

Due to the large volume of spammers visiting LinuxCareer forum, your initial posts will be moderated. Once forum administrators and moderators determine your genuine intentions, your account will get validated, and as a result your posts will appear instantly right after your submission.

Which answer is considered as the best answer?

Forum administrators and moderators will mark the best answer based upon the answer quality and its usefulness.

Which question is considered as the best question?

A: Forum administrators and moderators will mark the best question based upon question's uniqueness, relevance and clarity.

Where can I find my actual score “Reputation points”?

A: There is a yellow stripe which is part of every single reply. This stripe contains a “star” symbol button. When you want to know your actual score “Reputation points” simply click on this “star” symbol (see picture below).

Forum Competition Prizes

What prizes can be won?

There are two categories:
  1. Most Best Answers - $50 cash for most Best Answers
  2. Most Best Questions - 1-month subscription to all training courses
Is it possible to win both available prizes?


How do I receive my cash reward?

In order to receive a cash payment you are required to have PayPal account.

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