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Thread: Unable to ssh to RHEL4 Machin

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    Unable to ssh to RHEL4 Machin


    I created new VM and install RHEL 4, I have done will all the network setting in VM,

    Now when I am trying to connect that VM from putty of my windows machine Itís showing ď connection refuse ď

    I am able to ping that VM ip from my windows machine. And I am also able to do ssh to that ip from that VM (linux) machine.

    Please let me know if I need to do some changes in VM network setting to do the ssh from windows machine.


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    What are the network settings on those machines? And, more importantly, check the firewall settings.

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    Firewall is off. The VM ip is static ip. do i need to do anything on my windows machin ( windows 7 ).

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    What IP address does the VM have? And what IP address does the windows machine have?

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    Smile Unable to ssh to RHEL

    Quote Originally Posted by atul.mandale View Post
    Firewall is off. The VM ip is static ip. do i need to do anything on my windows machin ( windows 7 ).
    Hi Atul,

    Since you can ping here are few tips which I believe you should also try:
    1. make sure that ssh daemon is running on your RHEL. Do something like:
      $ netstat -ant | grep 22
    2. use the above command to also check on what network your ssh daemon is listening on. means all networks
    3. can you ssh from other ssh clients ( bridged network )? Meaning from other systems but your windows 7 ? If yes, then the problem is with windows 7. You can try set your VM network to bridged. Or simply use some other VM as a client.
    4. make sure that firewall is off by flushing iptables on RHEL with:
      # iptables -F
    5. on RHEL check contents of etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
    6. check log files like /var/log/secure and look for some clues

    For now, try the above and let us know.


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