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Since the fall of 2015, LinuxCareer has been compiling data that spans the open source software landscape. This data comes directly from corporate job postings. As a result, this data will assist individuals in pursuing skills that are in demand. Before we break down the data, LinuxCareer wanted to share how the data was compiled.

LinuxCareer has been quarterly monitoring over 10,000 employment ads throughout the world over the last couple of years. These are postings that include a need for some form or fashion of an open source skill set. At the moment, there are over 250 “skills” that are monitored by LinuxCareer. The score that is compiled is the result of the recurrence of that skill in the employment postings.

For instance, if the result for Perl is a score of 2,500, it means that Perl skills are being asked for in 2,500 of the 10,000+ job listings that were reviewed. Meanwhile, if Django ends up with a score of 100, it is only being asked for in 100 listings out of over 10,000.

Our goal is to share this data through a set of articles. LinuxCareer will do its best to lump each group into like skills, so the reader can get a good gauge of what skills corporations are focusing on within a certain framework. The end result is a determination of how an individuals current skill set, or perhaps an area that they are pursuing, compare to market demand. LinuxCareer collects this data on a quarterly basis, thus changes in the marketplace will be visible to individuals as we provide updates as the data is compiled. Therefore, by keeping current with this data, an individual should give themselves the greatest chance of career success by focusing on in-demand skills.

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